Super Stargazer Program

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Bring Out the Super Star Gazer in Your Kid in 6 Days

Designed for 8-14 Year Old Kids & Their Parents Who Are Interested in Astronomy, Space Science & Technology

Join 6-Day Live Intensive Training

From NASA Certified Coach & the Founder of SteadFast Learning Pedagogy]

Super Stargazer Program

In just 6 days, help your kid to go from a spectator to a super star gazer & 10X their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Date : Monday 06/06/2022 - Saturday 11/06/2022

Venue : WhatsApp & Zoom

Time : 8.30 PM - 9 PM

Help Your Children to Master their Stars in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Enrolment

Click the Register Now button in the page & pay just Rs.499. Once payment is confirmed you will be added to a WhatsApp group

Step 2 - Live Training

Every day from Monday to Saturday, your Live Training zoom link will be shared inside your WhatsApp group. You can click the link and join the training

Step 3 - Assignments

Every day starting from day 2, you will get an assignment to do under the night sky prior to the Live session. You can post the assignment for review in the WhatsApp group and collect points and badges

Step 4 - Interactions

There will be constant and encouraging interactions throughout these six days, by forms of Live zoom sessions, assignment reviews, doubt clearing and special messages

What Our Little StarGazers & Their Parents Feel About this Amazing Training

What Exactly Will You & Your Kid [8-14 Year Old] Uncover in this 6 Day Training?

Day 1

Topic: Introduction to Stargazing

What you’ll learn : Get introduced to the beauty of the Night Sky, Know about the basic nuances of stargazing

Badge: Amateur Stargazer

Day 2

Topic: Constellation

What you’ll learn : Learn about different stories in the sky, Start actual stargazing and make own star chart

Badge: Empowered Stargazer

Day 3

Topic: Naked Eye

What you’ll learn : Spot stars, constellations, galaxies with your naked eyes, Create constellation stories

Badge: Amazing Stargazer

Day 4

Topic: Mobile Apps for Stargazing

What you’ll learn : Get started with AR Apps, Learn to use technology for stargazing

Badge: Tech Stargazer

Day 5

Topic: Revise What You Learned with a Kahoot Session

What you’ll get : Fun Family Quiz

Certificate: Super Stargazer

Day 6 : Exclusive Q & A Session and Access to iSky Astro Club

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Super Star Gazer Certificate After 6 Day Completion [Value Priceless]

Got Questions, Still?

How will the class happen?

The lessons, assignments and helpful overview will be delivered as pre recorded videos everyday to a private whatsapp group. Your child can view the lessons and attend the Live Session to clear their doubts and get help to complete the assignments.

My child has school, what will be the timings for the class?

Since the lessons are delivered as pre recorded videos, you can access the class anytime during the day at their convenience. We recommed students to complete the assignments the same day, so it will be ideal for them to see the videos daily. A typical class will be 30 mins in length, so it will not be a burden on them.

Can my child miss classes during the week?

Ideally, they will have access to the class until the end of the program, however, for course completion certificate, they need to complete the assignments on time. So we recommed you to spare 20 mins every day for the program to be effective. In case of health issues, do keep us posted and we shall assist in whatever way possible in course completion.

What is the registration process?

Simple, click the Register now button and pay up in the next page. Once your payment is processed, you will be redirected to a private whatsapp group. Communication in the group will start on Sunday evening. For any support, please reach out to us through whatsapp -

How will my child submit the assignment?

The assignment will be submitted in the whatsapp group itself. Everyday, for particular hours the whatsapp group will be opened for kids to submit the assignments.

If my child has a doubt, where can he ask?

You can use the whatsapp group to post questions and clarifications. Our team will answer most of the queries in the group chat. We will also meet Live for 30 mins everyday to clarify your child's doubts, assignment review and some fun stargazing moments.

What will my child learn during the program?

Here’s what your child will achieve each day of the training with us:

Day 1 - Get introduced to the beauty of the Night Sky

Day 2 - Learn about different stories in the sky

Day 3 - Spot stars, constellations, galaxies with your naked eyes

Day 4 - Get started with augmented stargazing

Day 5 - Kahoot Revision

Know Your Star Gazer Coach - Vinod Kumar 

Fondly known as "Learning Coach", Vinod Kumar has more than 14+ years of experience in creating World Class Classroom Experience.

Vinod has been a pioneer in advocating STEM Education in schools and through his various Edtech companies. He has worked with more than 1000 schools catering more than 7 Lac students in South East Asia.

He had been Chief Coach to Team India for the World Robotics Olympiad for 6 consecutive years.

His programs are a regular at The Hindu Summer Camp for many years now.

He had founded 4 Ed-Tech Companies and have been a mentor to many such companies in the Educational Sector.

Based on his experience working with teachers in more than 8 countries, Coach Vinod designed SteadFast Learning Pedagogy, a 21st-century phenomenon that schools are fastly implementing in their classrooms. This summer camp is also based on the same pedagogy.

Among his many educational ventures, Vinod actively runs Space Science Learning Club.

Learning Coach Vinod Kumar

Founder, Space Science Learning Club & NASA Certified Coach

Featured in

How Exactly Will This Training Help Your Kid?

Develop better factual understanding about the stars & the space

Grow more interest in STEM subjects

Develop willingness to join space science quiz

Become more inquisitive about the world around us

Show more interest in learning tough concepts

Know about higher studies & job opportunities in Space Science

Support Your Kid’s Dream to Become a Future Astronomer or Space Scientist

By Making them Fall in Love with Stars

Super Star Gazer

6-Day Live Intensive Online Training for 8-14 year old kids & their parents